irish forestry, woodland & bio energy show

Fri 5th & Sat 6th May 2017

Stradbally Hall Estate

County Laois

irish forestry, woodland & bio energy show



Exhibitors can now book by downloading and returning this form: 2017 Exhibitor Application Form.docx
Please email completed forms to

Upon request from the show director, please download sign and return a site risk assessment form

Please Note Exhibitor Terms and Conditions below

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AFAG: The HSE (Health and Safety Executive UK) Arboriculture and Forestry Advisory Group;

Approved Demo: an Exhibitor demonstration of technique or equipment within the Exhibitor’s Site in Site Map Ref Area A or Area C as specified in the ‘particulars of demo’ in the Exhibitor Booking Application Form and acknowledged in the Confirmed Booking;

Confirmed Booking: Written confirmation from the Event Managers as to the acceptance of the Exhibitor’s Exhibitor Booking Application Form;

Dates: Friday 5 and Saturday 6 May 2017;

Event: Timber 2017, The Irish Forestry, Woodland & Bio Energy Show;

Event Health & Safety Officer: the qualified and authorised health and safety officer appointed by the Event Managers for the Event, Mr Jim Murphy (or a designated alternative);

Event Managers: TreeLife Productions, David Wilkinson;

Event Stewards: The persons appointed by the Event Managers for the purposes of stewarding the Event;

Exhibitor: any person or body who/which has entered into an agreement with the Event Managers to exhibit at the Event;

Exhibitor Site: The site as specified in terms of size and Show Site area in the Confirmed Booking and as marked out by the Event Managers on the Show Site;

Exhibitor Booking Application Form: as set out on the Website;

Fee/s: The fee/s payable by the Exhibitor to the Event Managers as set out in its Exhibitor Booking Application Form;

Health & Safety Codes: In relation to the scope of the Event all relevant and applicable industry codes of practice including, without limit, the following: The Code of Practice for Managing Safety and Health in Forestry Operations; The HSA Guides to the Safety, Heath and Welfare at Work Act 2005; The Irish National Forest Standard – Code of Best Forest Practice (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food); AFAG codes on chainsaws at work, chainsaws, managing health and safety in forestry, lifting and handling as applied to forestry and arboriculture, maintenance (hand tool weeding, brashing and pruning, clearing saw, flails and mulchers in tree work), work off ground, extraction, processing, vehicles and emergencies;  

Health & Safety Legislation: In relation to the scope of the Event, all relevant and applicable Irish and EU legislation including, without limit, the following: The Forestry Acts 1946 and 1988; The Safety, Health and Welfare Act 2005; The Safety in Industry Act 1980; in each case as amended and any regulations and orders and EC directives pursuant there to; 

HSA: The Health and Safety Authority of Ireland;

Show Hours: 9.30 am to 5.30 pm on the Dates;

Show Site: The part of Stradbally Hall Estate as illustrated on the Site Map and as marked by the Event Managers at the Show;

Site Map: The 2017 Stradbally site map as it appears on the Website;

Website: www.ifwshow.ie.


(a) The submission of an Exhibitor Booking Application Form and/or attendance of the Event constitutes an acceptance by the Exhibitor of these terms and conditions.

(b) The Event Managers shall provide written confirmation as to the acceptance of the Exhibitor Booking Application Form whereupon the booking is deemed a Confirmed Booking.


(a) The Fees are payable (as set out at 3. of the Exhibitor Booking Application Form) 50% at the time of booking if prior to 9 March 2017 and 100% by 9 March 2017 or upon time of booking if later. 

(b) The Exhibitor shall remain liable for the Fee for any Confirmed Booking. Cancellation of a Confirmed Booking is non-refundable.

(c) The Exhibitor is liable for VAT at 23% where applicable due and payable at the same time as the Fees.

4. Insurance

(a) The Exhibitor shall have valid and adequate public and products liability insurance for the following: (i) the purposes of its attendance of and activities at the Event; (ii) the indemnity specified at 17 (d) and (e) below; (iii) security as referred to at clause 10 below; and (iv) at the Exhibitor’s discretion, cancellation insurance.

(b) The Exhibitor shall provide the Event Managers with a copy of such insurance before the Dates and in any event before entering the Show Site to set up its Exhibitor Site.

5. Positive Marketing Obligations

(a) The Exhibitor agrees promptly to comply with the reasonable and positive electronic marketing obligations as notified from time to time by the Event Managers.

(b) The Exhibitor agrees to include a reference to the Event upon its (if any) website upon receipt of the Confirmed Booking.

6. Parking, Vehicles, Vehicle and Pedestrian Passes

(a) Each Exhibitor shall be allocated two on-Show Site Exhibitor parking spaces and given two Exhibitor vehicle passes. Subject to weather/ground conditions, it is intended that such space will be adjacent to the Exhibitor Site. Such vehicle pass shall be displayed clearly on the dashboard of the Exhibitor vehicle at all times whilst on the Show Site.

(b) Additional Exhibitor vehicles may be parked in the closely positioned free public car park on the Show Site as indicated on the Site Map.

(c) Parking for Exhibitor low loaders or other heavy vehicles must be specifically arranged in advance with David Wilkinson.

(d) Each Exhibitor will be given three pedestrian Event passes per Exhibitor Site. Additional Exhibitor Event passes may be purchased at a discount of 33% one month prior to the Show.

(e) All such vehicle and pedestrian passes will be posted to Exhibitors on Thursday, 30 April 2017.

(f) The speed limit for vehicles on the Show Site is 15 kilometres per hour.

(g) The Exhibitor shall not move vehicles during the Show Hours except (i) as is strictly necessary for equipment demonstration purposes in accordance with its Confirmed Booking and/or (ii) in an emergency and only then under the escort of an Event Steward.

(h) The Exhibitor shall park only in the designated on-Show Site Exhibitor parking space and in any event must not block pathways, other Exhibitor Sites and the demonstration route must have a minimum four metre clearway.

7. Inspection/Location of Exhibitor Site

(a) The Exhibitor acknowledges that the Show Site is a mixed grassland and woodland site in which ground conditions, slopes and vegetation and tree cover and composition vary.

(b) In relation to certain Approved Demos, if requested by the Event Managers, a site inspection must be undertaken together with, again if requested, the subsequent completion of a site risk assessment form.

(c) In the case of both static sites and sites in which Approved Demos will take place, the Exhibitor is responsible for conducting a full inspection of its Exhibitor Site and ensuring that it is suitable for its purpose.

(d) The Event Managers agree to locate the Exhibitor in the Show Site area as specified in the Confirmed Booking (that is: Site Map Ref A – general exhibition area – outdoor site; Site Map Ref A – marquee space; Site Map Ref B – the Copse; Site Map Ref C – woodland exhibition area) but cannot agree to any further precision as to location or as to changes to the same in the lead up to the Dates subject as such planning is to weather, practical and technical logistics.    

8. Site/Stand - Set up/Take down/Loading/Unloading

(a) The Exhibitor shall be allowed access to the Show Site during working hours for the purposes of setting up the Exhibitor Site from Wednesday 4 May 2017.

(b) The Exhibitor shall ensure that all heavy machinery and equipment is in place at its Exhibitor Site by 7 pm on Thursday 5 May 2017 and that in all material respects its site is complete by that time.

(c) The Exhibitor shall be completely set up and open for the duration of the Show Hours. 

(d) The Exhibitor shall not start to take down its Exhibitor Site until 5.30 pm on Saturday, 7 May 2017.

(e) The Exhibitor shall ensure that its Exhibitor Site is dismantled and cleared in accordance with (h) below by 5.30 pm on Tuesday 9th May 2017. 

(f) The Event Managers shall provide teleporter assistance for loading and unloading for weights up to a maximum of two tonnes from 9 am to 6 pm on Tuesday 2 May, Wednesday 3 May, Thursday 4 May and Saturday 6th May and from 5.30 pm to 8 pm on Monday 8th May 2013.

(g) Equipment for unloading any machinery or equipment exceeding two tonnes or requiring any specialist handling equipment shall be the responsibility of the Exhibitor.

(h) The Exhibitor is required to leave its Exhibitor Site in its original condition subject only to agreed tree pruning in accordance with clause 13 below, and to clear and remove all litter. 

9. Exhibitor Operations/Health & Safety

(a) The Exhibitor shall at all times comply with the Health & Safety Legislation and the Health & Safety Codes.

(b) Copies of the most relevant AFAG guides and the Irish National Forest Standard – Code of Best Forest Practice are available from the Event Managers.

(c) Without prejudice to the generality of clause 9(a), the Exhibitor shall comply with the basic conditions at (d) to (j) below and clause 11 re electricity, clause 12 re machinery, clause 13 re pruning, clause 14 re fire and clause 15 re first aid.

(d) The Exhibitor shall ensure that all appropriate ‘physical control measures’ are in place at all times on its Exhibitor Site including, without limit, appropriate signage (warnings, prohibitions, threshold points) and barriers.

(e)The public (and any other persons not authorised re that particular site) must be kept back from the Exhibitor Site by clearly visible ropes or barriers and at the recommended distances as applicable for the type of machinery or equipment in operation.

(f) All demonstration areas must be clear of the public (and any other persons not authorised re that particular site) before the start of any demonstration.

(g) Each Exhibitor shall provide and be responsible for its own stewards to ensure that the public (and any other persons not authorised re that particular site) are kept behind the ropes or barriers of its Exhibitor Site.

(h) Each Exhibitor Site shall have an appointed member of staff to liaise with the Event Health & Safety Officer.

(i) The Exhibitor shall comply with all directions of the Event Health & Safety Officer who shall have the right to interrupt, cease or close down operations of the Exhibitor on safety grounds.

(j) In the case of Approved Demos, the Exhibitor shall upon request comply with clause 7 (b) as to site inspection and site risk assessment form. 

10. Security

(a) The Event Managers shall provide security on the Show Site from 5.30 pm on Thursday 5 May 2017 until 5.30 pm on Saturday 6 May 2017

(b) The Exhibitor is responsible for its own Exhibitor Site security and insurance in relation to the same.

(c) Any Exhibitor wishing to stay overnight on its Exhibitor Site may do so with the prior consent of David Wilkinson. 

11. Electricity/Generators

(a) The Exhibitor shall be provided with electricity in Site Map Ref Areas A and B only and as requested in its Exhibitor Booking Application Form and agreed with David Wilkinson.

(b) Such Exhibitor will be supplied with either a 13A square socket or a 16A round connection. 

(c) Such electricity shall be available only during the Show Hours.

(d) The Exhibitor shall be permitted to use its own generator as agreed in advance with David Wilkinson and only if in the opinion of the Event Managers and/or the Event Health & Safety Officer, this is acceptable from both a health and safety perspective and will not impinge or infringe upon the activities of other Exhibitors.

(e) Without prejudice to the generality of clause 17 below, any Exhibitor using its own generator shall be liable for it. 

(f) All electrical equipment must be fitted by a qualified electrician (such an electrician will be available through the Event Managers during Show Hours).

12. Machinery & Equipment/Chainsaws – inc Demonstration Arena & Approved Demos

(a) All machinery and equipment must comply with the Health & Safety Legislation and Health & Safety Codes and carry the relevant CE marking or equivalent.

(b) All operators of machinery and equipment must have accredited ‘certificates of competence’ as required and applicable to the machinery and equipment to be used and the work undertaken.

(c) All persons must wear correct and properly maintained personal protective equipment and clothing including, without limit, as applicable: safety helmets; safety glasses; other suitable eye protection; ear defenders; gloves; chainsaw trousers; other leg protection; safety boots with steel toe caps.

(d) All machinery and equipment guards must be fitted and used.

(e)  All machinery and equipment must be properly positioned and protection must be taken against rolling over and against falling branches or trees and penetrating objects such as branches, breaking cables or chain shot.

(f) All electrical equipment must be used, guarded, wired and fused to manufacturers’ recommendations and in compliance with Health & Safety Legislation.

(g) Lone working is expressly prohibited.

(h) No other person shall be within two metres of a person operating a chainsaw.

(i) All relevant risk zones, exclusion zones and distances must be observed.

(j) All machines discharging sawdust, woodchips, brash etc must be operated in such a way that such discharge is directed away from the public.

(k) Appropriate signage must be displayed at all times including: “ WARNING – FOREST OPERATIONS”; “WARNING – MACHINERY IN USE”; “NO UNAUTHORISED PERSONS BEYOND THIS POINT”.

(l) The Event Health & Safety Officer may require that any machinery or equipment which, in his opinion, does not comply or is not being operated in accordance with Health & Safety Legislation or Codes may be stopped from operating and/or removed from the Show Site.

13. Timber Policy

(a) The Exhibitor shall only prune marked trees and only within the specific confines of its Exhibitor Site in Area C and as agreed with David Wilkinson.

(b) The Exhibitor shall NOT allow the public (or any other person not authorised re that particular site) (i) within two tree lengths of pruning operations or (ii) to climb trees.

(c)  The Exhibitor shall display warning signs suitable to its operations including the following as appropriate: “WARNING – FOREST OPERATIONS” and “NO UNAUTHORISED PERSONS BEYOND THIS POINT”.

14. Fire

(a) Open fires, naked flames and disposable barbecues are expressly prohibited on the Show Site.

(b) The Exhibitor shall have fire extinguishers on its Exhibitor Site adequate and appropriate for the materials and equipment it contains.

(c) In the event of fire: move public and staff away from the fire; immediately contact an  Event Steward; and, tackle the fire only if it is small and safe to do so.

15. First Aid

(a) The Exhibitor is required to have on its Exhibitor Site, a first aid kit appropriate to its operations and number of staff.

(b) The Event Managers shall provide first aid staff by way of The Order of Malta ambulance cover on the Show Site during the Show Hours.

(c) The Exhibitor must immediately report any accident or injury to the first aid centre located at Site Map Ref A, the general exhibition area.


16. Cancellation

(a) In the event of cancellation only of the whole Event in the limited circumstances set out at clause 16(b) below, the Event Managers shall refund 50% of any Fee paid by the Exhibitor and this shall constitute the limit of the liability of the Event Managers (as more particularly set out at clause 17 below). Exhibitors are advised to consider taking out individual cancellation insurance (see clause 4(a) (iv) in this regard).

(b) If due to adverse weather conditions or other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Event Managers, the Event Managers deem it necessary to cancel or terminate all or part of the Event for any reason, they shall be under no obligation to the Exhibitor other than as to the 50% refund specified at clause 16(a) and the obligation to give notice as set out at clause 16(c) and otherwise, without prejudice to the generality of clause 17 below, shall not be liable to the Exhibitor in any way for such cancellation, termination or re-scheduling including, without limit, travel costs incurred or preparations made by the Exhibitor.

(c) It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to ascertain whether, due to the circumstances specified at clause 16 (b), the Event has had to be cancelled or rescheduled (and the date of any such rescheduling). The Event Managers will however, use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that the Website includes any notice of cancellation, or rescheduling, as soon as reasonably practicable in the circumstances.


17. Liabilities/Indemnities

(a) The Event Managers will not be liable to the Exhibitor or any person for any failure to perform their obligations under these terms and conditions or relating to the Event as a result of ‘force majeure’ that is, any cause beyond their control including, without limit, act of God, war, riot, civil disturbances, acts of terrorism, fire, explosion, flood, theft of essential equipment, malicious damage, strike, lock out, weather, third party injunction, national defence requirements, acts or regulations of national or local governments.

(b) The Event Managers will not be liable to the Exhibitor or any person in any way in relation to the Event or for any harm caused by Event Managers’ employees or agents except to the extent that such exclusion or limitation is not permissible by law in the case of liability for fraud or for death or personal injury caused by negligence or other breach of legal or statutory duty of care.

(c) The Event Managers will not be liable for the Fee paid by the Exhibitor except as set out at Clause 16(a) above and the Exhibitor shall remain liable for the Fee of any Confirmed Booking, cancellation of such by the Exhibitor being non-refundable as set out at Clause 3(b).

(d) The Exhibitor indemnifies the Event Managers against all and any losses, claims, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses suffered or incurred by the Event Managers by the attendance of or the activities of the Exhibitor at the Event including, without limit, any claims relating to the Exhibitor Site set up, take down, loading, unloading, transportation, Approved Demos, other demonstrations and actions of Exhibitor employees, representatives, staff, agents, sub-contractors or public on the Exhibitor Site. 

(e) Without prejudice to the generality of clause 17(d) above, the Exhibitor will be responsible for all losses, claims, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses suffered or incurred by the Event Managers as a result of a breach of these terms and conditions by the Exhibitor, its employees, representatives, staff, agents or sub contractors.

18. Breach

Without prejudice to any other remedy available, any breach of these terms by the Exhibitor shall entitle the Event Managers at any time to terminate the agreement with the Exhibitor and if on the Show Site, remove or request the immediate removal of the Exhibitor and its property from the Show Site.

Fri 5th & Sat 6th May 2017

Stradbally Hall Estate

County Laois